Rhyme And Slang

Tensions had blown

All the birds have flown

Tensions of nothing

All the people are clucking

And now there is no kind of loving

Its all snuffed out

No one is putting it about

No bloke is a chap

All the geysers are crap

No one called mad

Now they all want to get even

From sulphate to crack

From stefans to stevents

Before watch your back

Now its watch your front to

Their only friend is the mirror

And they all get screwed

No one gets drunk

Now they are all skunks

Watch your purse granny or you are going get done, by a bloke with no bottle, and who is a bit of a fanny.

No more hard men

No one stands out

The ubiquitous crowd

With caps back to front

Dangerous dogs

Not owned by dangerous men

I am a spider

Any you are my wee vic

Lets return as before

And begin again

And a boy can become

A man

Once more.


When I was a boy

My mum got a new bloke

He was a bit if a mug

And bit of a joke

And when he got drunk

He sung Scotland was bonny

He would swear, curse, and condemn and kick the cat

And smash the plate with his dinner up against the wall,

Then one day

He done something silly

He hit my mum

And I thought enough of that

I grabbed him by the throat

And then I punched him in the guts

And he fell just like that

And then I gave him a swift kick in the head

And my mum sad

Oh no jocks dead

I got a cup of water

Out of the tap

Then I threw it over his face with blood and all that,

And to life he came back

Jock was scared

His body was shaking

And he said your son is mad

Mum was concerned

She could see it in my eye

When other play games

That don’t include I as me

Then they should die, by knowing the way of the fist you see,

My mum took me to a doctor

In a hospital

Where they stuck stuff on my head but still

Looked at the machine instead,

They all wore nice jackets

And clipboards in hands

And stroked their chins

And sad things I did not understand

And then they said to my mum

Don’t worry mum your sun in the brain is not numb

And mum was relived

And may years later

When I was a man

I was in a crime

And SOHO came calling

And I knew my plan true

I got jock a jib to buy my teas and stuff as well,

It was another way for him to accept his new living hell,

Then one night I was drink9ing in a club

And a man I recognised said to me

How much for an ounce?

It was he with clipboard before

He gave me the money, only a grand,

I gave him the stuff

And put a bag in his hand

Which only cost one pound


I took their flesh out of them both for as you are ripped apart

You must do the same to them

Then no one will do the same again of the acting of the art.

Whilst the world is falling apart.

The inner sanctum

Tell no one who you are in the place called community,

Because the spirit is dead and they all live in their incongruity

Just say good morning and have a nice day, and that is how far the pleasantries should go, with the people who say they are we, but I know as them,

The them have listened to the world and have become fools, and ultimately that is their only good news

Tell them nothing because they do the same

Some say they are villains, but they are not criminals I know, and all villains go to prison, and they forever accept their sweet sorrow, here today, gone tomorrow,

So say nothing and keep your mouth shut, and let them live in their delusion as such, as they do not have as I, that which is the deposit of safety as much,

Permit them to speak rot, unkempt in mind and as drunk as sots

And as for others who I still refer to as them

They forever groan by their self-imposed drone, the paying of tax, and what good is the vote? crying in their beer, because their mum is no more

So I say to you listen well from one who was born in a world where

Convolutions are accepted

And ambivalence known

In this place they all claim as


Angle baby

Not a lady

But a man allegedly

He worked for the krays before

And for they he would even up the score

He was as black as coal

And a Jew to boot, but that was not his goal,

And when I was a boy I thought I am gonna be

Worse then you,

I slept with his women behind his back

Then I thought one day enough of that

I played it up front

It done in his nut

And we fought like fuck

And the contender became the new king

Ring a Ding Ding

Even though the place where I was king

Was the east of Eden,

And the people would not nod their heads

At me with disdain again.

Bobby boy

Half black half white

Born In a world where you never truly belonged because the black and the white both refused you


The half black half white bloke

Found face down in a river

And the world in truth did not never really care

Half white half black

When you are born on a planet

And are told to be split in two is a fact

And the rest left handed

Forget the name of the white black and white black

And the game is played by they

Of that they who apply are only of their own

Our continuous demise

Our continuous moan


The top man told me to lobby you out of the window if you do not do as you are told

What’s that you say … reputation?

You can always buy another with what the top man placed in that Swiss bank account

What’s that you say … honour?

I was not aware that honour entailed meeting a prostitute once a week and she shoving her fist up your arse.

Better to have lived and learned and not at Hough, and if you knew from the beginning that choice is thrusted upon you, is the reason why me and my mate are dangling you from a window whilst we are holding your shoes

God come back soon

The black bird

Yardy man said to I whilst in a hotel out of our nuts

Me get woman with two kilos up her arse the raas

I tell her I love her to see

And if she get caught and they pull the gear out of her arse, and she go in cage, I as I get me another blaat claat

And I thought

Black bird fly to yourself and not fly away then your house shall truly be a home

Black bird in a cage

Cage no more

Don’t be a slave to another

For in truth it is man that is the whore black bird come to me and I will keep you safe

And the tears you have within, but you can never show because it is said that birds black don’t cry?

Know your eyes and accept your tears once again

And know love is the rarest but still most common

If you seek and you shall find

And I will protect you until the day that you die

Black bird

Free once more

Mad micky

Beware of they who claim a name

They do so as to make themselves complete

And to protect themselves from the harshness of the world

An invisible shield

But still it is known

Projection complete

And forever we roam

And the dragons that surround them cannot burn them alive

And this is why they lie

And so do I

Bullshit baffles brains

When is started in the game that is crime

Whether it is legal or illegal both in context are ultimately the same

A wise man once told me, greater that all the knowledge of the gurus he possessed, prophets, brahma, god, and of course his son

Bullshit baffles brains

But the truth is the was man baffled himself

And as I told the wise man I already knew that before

Rotterdam or anywhere

My mate said to me

‘We meet these blokes at three in the place that has the sun outside’

And I said


And I said to my mate

‘let’s take five grand out and have a blow out, they ain’t gonna count it ‘

And my mate said

‘Don’t fuck about’

In the place where the sun was outside we drink, and then three men walked in, said nothing, and we snatched the bags off each other, the colour the same and all that, and I said

‘Thank fuck for that’

And my mate smiled and said

‘Foreign fools, I skimmed five from the top, because they looked a bit flash’

And I replied

‘Yeah that’s what I did before ‘

And we both laughed an hilarious roar.